Modern technology provides government a broad array of tools for sharing information with the public, and Orange LAFCO is fully committed to conducting its operations in an open and transparent manner.

In accordance with State law, OC LAFCO’s operating budget is funded by an apportionment paid by the County, cities and special districts. To learn more about OC LAFCO’s financial operations, projects and activities, you may access the Commission’s current strategic plan, annual budget, and financial and compensation reports through links provided on this page. Additionally, the OC LAFCO Policies and Procedures Handbook may be accessed and downloaded through this page.

For questions or additional information on these documents, you may contact Commission staff at 714.640.5100 or by visiting our Team Members page for additional contact information.

Orange County LAFCO Bylaws

Table of Content

Accounting and Finance Policies and Procedures

Accounting and Finance Policies and Procedures

Personnel Policies and Procedures

Personnel Policies and Procedures

Administrative Policies & Procedures

Appointment of OC LAFCO Public Members and Commissioners Terms Guidelines

Disposal of Surplus Property

Legislative Policy and Guidelines

Inspection and Copying of Public Records Policy

Records Retention and Destruction Policy

Sponsorship of Conferences and Meetings Policy and Guidelines

Social Media Use Policy

Selecting LAFCO Voting Delegates Guidelines

Distribution of LAFCO Reports Policy

Software License Agreement Policy

Geographic Information Systems Policy

Conflict of Interest Advice Guidelines

Use of Computer – Electronic Communications Policy

Limited English Proficiency Services Policy

Project Processing Policies & Procedures

Processing Applications and Evaluating Proposals Guidelines

Conducting Protest Hearings

Commission Initiation of Proposals Policy

Processing Conflicting Proposals

Review and Processing OASA

Unincorporated Small Islands

Evaluating Plan for Providing Services Guidelines

Guidelines for Preparing Municipal Service Reviews

Disclosure of Political Expenditures Policy

Establishing and Updating Spheres of Influence Guidelines

Holding Public Community Meetings Policy

Indemnification of OC LAFCO by Applicants Policy

Incomplete Applications Policy

Fee Waiver and Refund Policy

Community Identity Policy

Policy and Procedures for Disincorporations

Disadvantaged Unincorporated Communities Policy

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Enterprise Systems Catalog

Systems Catalog

Ralph M. Brown Act

Ralph M. Brown Act