Municipal Service Reviews

Orange LAFCO conducts MSRs for the County’s 34 cities and 34 special districts generally every five years through a collaborative and objective effort. These MSRs have encouraged open discussions and planted seeds for opportunities without forcing conversations or government action. The realms of opportunities identified in MSRs involve short and long term options and are based on sound and trending data and the deliberative vetting of key and relevant issues.

What is an MSR?

An MSR is a legislative mandate that requires OC LAFCO to conduct an analysis of the municipal services delivered by the cities, special districts and other service providers to Orange County’s 3.16 million residents.

In accordance with State law and local policy, OC LAFCO prepares MSRs on a five-year cycle. To view a current or past MSR, you may select a city or special district below. Additionally, you may access our MSR schedule below for recently completed and upcoming MSRs.

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