What is a Disadvantaged Unincorporated Community (DUC)?

The State defines a DUC as an area of inhabited territory located within an unincorporated area of a County in which the annual median income household is less than 80 percent of the statewide median income. 

Due to aging infrastructure and lack of investment within DUCs, public services (e.g., water, sewer, fire protection, etc.) to these areas are sometimes provided at levels below the service levels of adjacent and surrounding cities. 

Senate Bill 244

Recognizing this issue, in 2011 Senate Bill 244 required cities and counties to address the infrastructure needs of DUCs in land use and municipal service plans.  The bill required all LAFCOs to identify and map DUCs within their respective County.

Additionally, the law imposes restrictions on the approval of city annexations larger than 10 acres where there is a DUC contiguous to the area of the proposed annexation. 

Orange County DUCs

Orange LAFCO has identified seven DUCs located within the spheres of influence of the cities of Anaheim, Stanton and Westminster.  To view these areas, click on the map below.