Since 1996, the Orange County LAFCO Commission has annually conducted a strategic planning session. Adoption of a strategic plan for one year allows the Commission and staff to proactively plan for long-range projects, prioritize staff’s efforts, and ensure the most efficient allocation of resources.

Please click the links below for the appropriate strategic plan or work plan.

2015 Strategic Plan FY 2015-2016 Work Plan
2014 Strategic Plan FY 2014-2015 Work Plan
2013 Strategic Plan FY 2013-2014 Work Plan

Recently the Commission held its 18th Annual Strategic Planning Session.

During the 2015 Strategic Planning Session, the Commission and staff engaged in an interactive discussion of OC LAFCO’s emerging role as a leader and partner with Orange County’s local agencies, communities, and stakeholders.

Additionally, the 2015 Orange County LAFCO Strategic Planning Session included the 2014-2015 Work Plan Accomplishments. The discussion of the work plan included projects completed and/or underway and a summary of the latest mandated projects added to the Work Plan mid-year.

At the conclusion of the session, the Commission discussed Key Project Opportunities for FY 2015-2016 as well as key agency projects for possible inclusion in the 2015-2016 Work Plan.

The Strategic Planning Session presentation can be viewed or downloaded below.