Fiscal Trend Analysis

As part of the State mandated responsibility to carry out municipal service reviews, Orange County LAFCO has developed the Fiscal Trend Analysis report. The System is a web-based financial dashboard providing visual, graphic depictions of the financial condition and historical trends for each of the 34 cities and 27 independent special districts in Orange County. Each of the cities and special districts and the County are required to prepare annual financial statements in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) which provide information relating to the financial condition of the agency. However, the lack of standardized formatting makes it difficult for the average user.

The Fiscal Trends Analysis System will streamline the analysis of the financial condition of local governments in Orange County and act as a resource for the cities, special districts, the County and the public. The System also fulfills the responsibility of LAFCO to determine the "financial ability to provide services" which is required under current State law. The data presented in the program was derived from the annual financial statements of the agencies identified and has been submitted to them for verification. The indicators were selected by representatives of local governments here in Orange County and every agency provided input in the development of the indicators used. We hope you find the information useful and we welcome any productive feedback regarding the system.

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